Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tiffany Blue Wedding Themes

Over the last 2 years the Tiffany Blue wedding theme has emerged to be one of the top requests from brides. Though I love the colors of Tiffany Blue and white together, it seems to be getting old and feel suppressing a brides personality. So what I have been suggesting to brides is if they love the Tiffany Blue (robins egg blue) wedding theme that much try and change it up a bit by adding other complimenting colors. Here are a few suggestions:

Tiffany Blue & Brown Wedding Theme
Much like the Tiffany Blue wedding theme, brown has become another hot color choice for brides. Try adding brown in subtly like adding a brown ribbon to favor boxes, flower girl dresses or unity candles.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

Tiffany Blue & Red Wedding Theme
Make your wedding theme stand out by adding a vibrant color like red. Most people don't think that this would make such a beautiful color combination, but I think that you will soon see this becoming one of the more popular wedding themes over the next year or two. So scoop it up fast and be one of those brides that cracks into the new up and coming wedding theme.

For those that are a bit afraid of what this wedding theme may look like, turn to an inspiration board. I create wedding theme and inspiration boards for my clients and it gives me the opportunity to help others see a vision. For those that are hesitant, it really allows you to open your mind to some eye catching color schemes.

Tiffany Blue Wedding ThemeTiffany Blue and Red Wedding Theme Inspiration Board

Here are a few other pictures from weddings that had a Tiffany Blue and red wedding theme that I like.
Tiffany Blue Wedding ThemeTiffany Blue Wedding ThemeTiffany Blue Wedding Theme

I also just found these candy favors and I love them! They incorporate the two colors of the wedding theme and they look so fun.
Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

Tiffany Blue & Pink Wedding Theme
If brown and red are too bold of colors for your wedding theme, try a Tiffany Blue and pink wedding theme. Adding pink can be a great way to incorporate another color and it gives you a tone of room to play with. The easiest way to incorporate pink into the wedding theme is in the flowers. Here are a few pictures pink flowers and Tiffany Blue.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

If you want to take a little bit more of a chance, try hot pink. I think this color is fun and would be great way to spice up your wedding theme without having to take a big color risk. See the wedding theme inspiration board below.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme
Tiffany Blue and Pink Wedding Theme Inspiration Board

Do you have any other suggestions on what other colors could be added to the Tiffany Blue wedding theme? Send me or post suggestions and I will write a post on it. Also, feel free to send your pictures and I will feature them on the blog.

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I love the little tiffany blue dress that is next to the red and blue heels! Do you know who designs that or where to buy it?