Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Wedding Dress Styles

There are many different wedding dress styles out there. I swear every time I go into the bridal shops I see another wedding dress style I didn't know existed.

On the one hand...

You are thinking, "This is great!" It means you have a greater chance at getting a wedding dress or style that few others have. This can be very important to a bride. As women, I am sure we all remember the time spent picking out prom dresses and knowing the only thing that could ruin your night was if you showed up at prom and another girl was wearing the same exact dress. The same goes for your wedding dress. Now I highly doubt anyone would show up at your wedding in a wedding dress, but you still get that same feeling if you know someone that got the same dress, or if you see four other brides in the bridal shop trying on YOUR wedding dress. So rest assured that the wonderful world of wedding dress designers are feverishly working to create new and edgy wedding dress trends every day.

On the other hand...

You may be looking at an even larger pile of wedding dresses.
And let me tell you, wedding dress shopping can go from super exciting to a chore when you have tried on your 100th dress.
However, after awhile, a long while, I started realizing what types of wedding dress style looked good on me. When this happens it is a great feeling. Where once you were looking at a pile of 50 wedding dresses, you are now only looking at 25 because you know which type of wedding dress styles don't work for you. So in my case this was great, but now imagine they have come out with even more choices!

Here are a few of the newest wedding dress styles. Check out TheKnot for more!