Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Wedding Theme

In honor of Thanksgiving, I thought that I would write about a Thanksgiving wedding theme. Not many people think about what a great time of year Thanksgiving is to have a wedding. You get to take advantage of family, lower costs, colors and design.


Now depending on who you are planning to invite to your wedding, you could actually have your wedding date be Thanksgiving. If you are planning a small, intimate, family wedding then having it on Thanksgiving is a great way to show everyone how thankful you are for them and how much it means to you that both sides of the family are sharing this special holiday together. If you are a family that has many of its members scattered far and wide, this creates the perfect opportunity for them to make one trip for both the Thanksgiving holiday and your wedding. Now, if you want a bigger wedding with family and friends, choosing the weekend before or after Thanksgiving could be a great option.


Most of the time, local reception sites and other vendors lower their costs because it is getting into the slower season of the wedding industry. This is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage and either save a little bit of money or add-on that ice bar, chocolate fountain and champagne toast.


The best part of a Thanksgiving wedding? The colors and design. This may just be me - because I love the colors of a Thanksgiving wedding theme - but the orange, brown and yellow just seem so warm and cozy to me.


As much as I like these colors and time of year, this is one of those wedding themes that a bride can tend to go overboard on. Take the image above for example; I think this is way too much orange. Either pick a more neutral or contrasting linen color and use the centerpiece, or flip-flop it and have the orange linens with a more subtle centerpiece.

Rest assure with the magic word, "moderation" anyone can pull off a beautiful Thanksgiving wedding theme. Here are a few pictures of weddings that used the colors and themes of a Thanksgiving wedding theme in moderation and produced beautiful results.

Thanksgiving Wedding Flowers

Thanksgiving Wedding Invitations

Overall Thanksgiving Wedding Look

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