Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Wedding Feature - Wedding Candy Bar Wrappers

So I am a huge fan of giving away favors that are useful at a wedding. Nothing that will go into my junk drawer, or sit on my night stand and smell pretty for a week, then I just forget to throw it away 5 years later. My favorite things to give away are edible favors. I think that you are giving your guests something useful. Well, at least they enjoy it for the brief period they are eating it, but still they are enjoying it.

There are many ideas for edible favors, and I am sure I will cover many of them on this blog, but one of the easiest edible favors to give away is candy bars. I mean really, they are already made for you. However, though they are easy, giving out a candy bars as-is isn't the prettiest favor. So to show guests that you put a little more thought and effort into it, try creating your own wedding candy bar wrappers. This is another easy thing to do. With candy bar wrappers you can customize them to say whatever you want and can even add your photo to them.

The wedding candy bar wrapper featured to the right has the "Sweet Couple" design, but all of the candy bar wrappers can be personalized to your liking.

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