Friday, December 5, 2008

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

I was searching around Webshots for some fun wedding pictures. I came across a whole section of custom-made wedding cake toppers. Personally, I like more formal wedding cake toppers, but these are really funny and you could probably get one custom-made to fit your wedding theme. Actually, it would be kind of fun to use one of these funny cake toppers for your rehearsal dinner cake. You could personalize it so that it really suits you and your new hubby.

There were a lot in the Webshots photo album, but I thought I would make this extra fun and found one wedding cake topper for each of my female co-workers.

Soccer Wedding Cake Topper
This one is for my co-worker Tessa who loves soccer. I think that this one would be perfect for her. Even though she might wish the groom was Cesc Fabregas, I am sure both her and her boyfriend would love this wedding cake topper.

Travel Wedding Cake Topper
This is for my co-worker Stephanie who is really into traveling. The characters are more funny-looking than the others, but I think it is kind of cute.

Pet Wedding Cake Topper

I tried to find a cake topper that showed more pets than this one. My co-worker Jaime is really into pets. She has some really cute pet pictures and writes Thoughtsfurpaws a great pet blog. Also this kind of killed me, putting a picture up with any Yankee's paraphernalia.

Football Wedding Cake Topper
GO BROWNS!! I think that my co-worker Patty would love this cake topper. I am sure she would wish it was a Browns themed topper and a glimpse into her future being married to one of the football players :-)

Beach-Guitar Wedding Cake Topper
This one is for me and my husband. We love the beach, he LOVES his guitar and we have 2 cats.

So whether you think these are cute or goofy looking, it would be kind of fun to get one that really reflected you and your spouse's personalities and interests.

What do you think? Did you find any that matched you?


Andrea said...

Great article. those toppers are so cute!!
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Christina said...

Hi I would like to share my work with you. I make custom cake toppers as well.
Keep up the great blogging!