Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Wedding Theme

The Christmas holiday is right around the corner, so today I thought I would talk about having a Christmas wedding.

What's great about having a Christmas wedding is the very little time and effort it takes to put together the wedding coordinates and decorations. In order to have a true Christmas themed wedding, there are a few pieces of traditional Christmas decor that you shouldn't go without.

Sticking with the traditional colors of Christmas is a must. You could either chose to have a red, green or red-green color for your wedding. And what's so nice about the Christmas colors is the variations that are seen today. No longer are you bound to bright red and green. Chose something more formal and go with hunter green and deep red, or if you are more modern, try a brighter green. What's also great is the accent colors that go so well with Christmas. Try gold or silver, it will add a bit of depth to your color palette.

Christmas Wedding Flowers
Don't think that just because it's Christmas you have to have Poinsettias integrated into your bouquet... if you really don't want to. Many brides today are instead using red berries and twigs. This may not sound pretty, but, like this picture shows, it could truly be a beautiful bouquet and one that is very unique.


Try something a bit less traditional and put a little Christmas fun into your wedding. Spread the spirit of gifting and try a Christmas gift themed cake. I think this cake is very pretty and it looks like a lot of work went into it.

Christmas Wedding Favors
Again, lots of options. Sticking with the Christmas theme couples could give Christmas ornaments or Christmas treats like the decorated Christmas fortune cookies to the right. Another great idea is giving the gift of a donation. It is the holiday season so giving the gift of a donation is a great way to give to the community during a time of year that is very hard on some. It's also a great way to promote giving during the holiday season.

Take advantage of the time of year and use Christmas cards as your invitations. There are always so many to choose from and now many can be personalized with custom text and pictures. If you are looking for more traditional invitations the only thing to keep in mind is to follow your color scheme and anything you pick should be perfect.

Christmas wedding theme phrase:

"Eat, Drink and be Merry-ied"

I love it!

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