Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday Wedding Feature - Personalized Wedding Planner

One of the first things I give my clients is a wedding planner. Many people don't really understand why these are so important until they haven't used it - and are in panic mode 6 months before the wedding. My advice is this: don't even try to plan without a wedding planner. There is a lot of information in these books that can help every bride - despite the type of wedding she is having - organize and prioritize the many tasks that accompany planning a wedding.

What's funny is that after I have given a bride a wedding planner, I find that as we meet, the wedding planner becomes more personalized. I had one client who bejeweled the entire outside of the planner, and another who placed pictures in the front cover. I actually did the same thing by adding pictures to the outside of my wedding planner when I was wedding planning. So, today I am featuring a wedding planner that you can have personalized with photos of you and your soon-to-be hubby or anything else you like.

PhotoWorks offers personalized wedding planners and you can design the front cover any way you'd like. So instead of printing out photos and either gluing them on the front or sliding them into the front part of your wedding planner, try creating a personalized wedding planner that looks professional.

Don't really want to place pictures of you and your fiancee? No problem: you can upload any photos you like. Know what flowers you are using for your wedding? Put random pictures of those flowers on the front cover instead.

I think that this wedding planner is a great idea. Like I said before, and brides have proven this to me, brides want to personalize everything for their big day. So why not start everything off with a personalized wedding planner?

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