Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3 Reasons to Send Out Wedding Save the Dates!

Some brides don’t like sending wedding save the date cards. Now if sending out save the dates is going to break your budget then, and only then, would I recommend not sending them out. Personally, I love them. And I say, if it is within your budget -- do it. However, if it is within your budget and you are still on the fence about whether or not to send out wedding save the date cards, here are 3 reasons why you should:

1. Planning ahead.

One of the worst things to see is this: you begin receiving your wedding replies back in the mail and you seem to be getting a decent amount of “not attending” responses. Not only is it sad to think that the special people in your lives aren’t able to make it to your wedding day, but you have also planned on a certain amount of people attending (this is when you break out the B-List).

This seems to happen a lot during the summer months because many families take vacations, and if you happen to plan your wedding on a holiday weekend, you can for sure plan on receiving many “not attending” responses. So if you really want to get the turnout you expected, be sure to send out save the date cards so people can do just that, save the date.

2. Setting the tone.

Most of the time wedding save the date cards match the wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. This is a great time to set the theme and tone of your wedding. I am one of those matchy-matchy kind of people so you know the save the dates match the wedding invitations, which match the menus, which match the theme and so on and so forth. So if there are those out there like me, a bit obsessive-compulsive of matching one more thing, sending save the date cards are a perfect way to feed the addiction.

If this isn't such a big deal to you, it still gives you a chance to let everyone know what to expect from your wedding. Having a formal, black-tie event? Send wedding save the dates in wrapped white boxes with black ribbon. Going for more of an informal, party event? Save the date coasters could be a great way to both informally make everyone aware of the type of event you are having, but they could also be functional.

3. Shouting it from the roof-tops.

Come one, can a bride get enough attention??? I don’t think so! Send out save the date cards so that everyone knows, “Hey I am getting married!” Plus if you send photo save the date cards, it is just one more place to slap that “oh so in love” grin! Let everyone know you are getting married. I mean come on, as a bride you can't tell enough people.

What are your thoughts on sending wedding save the dates?

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