Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to Have a Semi-Do it Yourself Wedding

Thanks to Martha Stewart, scrap booking, home crafts and do-it-yourself projects have all but taken over, so it is only fitting the wedding industry would jump on board. Want invitations? You can “do them yourself.” Want programs? No problem? Menu cards? Websites? Flowers?

Where does it end? And when is too much DIY, really too much?

I’m a big proponent of having a semi-DIY wedding. There are some things you really can do yourself and depending on your time and personal creativity level, you might even be better than some of the pros. But not always.

Here is a mini-guide to holding a semi-Do it Yourself wedding.

1. Know Your Limitations

And no, dear bride, I don’t just mean creative limits. It doesn’t matter if you were the master floral arranger in the international flower arrangers competition for eight straight years … you shouldn’t do your own flowers.

Flowers can’t be arranged more than a few hours in advance and you’ll likely need a large refrigerated holding area. Do you really want to worry about tulips and poesies? Or would you rather be relaxing with your bridesmaids, drinking mimosas or getting a massage and a pedi?

Same goes with
- Cakes
- Catering
- Photography / Video
- Band / DJ

2. Choose Your Projects

As you see, I’ve left tons of items up for grabs in the DIY category. These include-but are not limited to-the following.

- Invitations and Reply Cards
- Thank You Cards
- Your Wedding Website
- Programs
- Menu Cards
- Guest Book
- Table Cards
- Chair Cards
- Escort Cards
- Place Cards
- Children’s Activity Books
- Welcome Baskets
- Your Hair
- Your Makeup
- Your Nails / Pedicure

It is important for you to review this list and choose which items you think you can do yourself. I suggest keeping the same theme for your wedding day stationary, such as menu cards, programs, place cards, escort cards, table cards and chair cards (ie, either ordering them all or doing them all yourself). You will want consistency in the paper color, weight and texture, as well as the font style and color and graphics.

It is also wise to choose items that can be done in advance. For example, you can order a guest book from PhotoWorks months in advance. I’ve outlined the steps for creating this book here.

You can also create your own activity books in advance. I have a photo of the one I used here.

Your personal beauty procedures, such as hair, makeup and nails should be done as late as possible. If your budget allows, go with your bridesmaids and close family members to a salon the day before your wedding and have your nails and pedicures done. I also recommend hiring a stylist for your hair. There is just something they do that us “normal” folks can’t … and whatever that is makes your hair stay gorgeously styled throughout your wedding day.

3. Know When to Say When

Choosing too many DIY projects can add to the stress of your wedding and can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t plan them well. If you are feeling the heat, try to delegate some tasks either to your close friends and family members or consider hiring a professional to help you wrap it up.

Are you doing any DIY projects for your wedding? What are you doing? What are you hiring done?

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sue said...

Great way to review the checklist of work on wedding day. Your blog is wonderful

Cherrye Moore said...

Thank you, Sue! I'm glad the blog is helpful! :-)