Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something Different: A Creative Guest Book Idea from Photoworks

You have probably talked to brides who said their wedding day was a blur … that everything passed too quickly and they’d love to go back and see it again in slow motion.

Well, I’m with them. With emotions reaching new heights and the rush of adrenaline - and estrogen - you will have that day there are likely to be some things you miss. So plan ahead.

You know guests books are an essential element at any wedding. They record the names of the people who attended your wedding and they are meant to be a lasting memorial to your Big Day.

Traditionally, guest books were small journals purchased in the bride's wedding colors. Guests would stand in line, sign their names and the book was tossed into a dusty box post-wedding never to be peered into again.

Recently guests books have become part of the wedding decor and are decorated in seasonal elements or theme-related designs, but still serve the same purpose and meet the same dust-filled fate.

So here is a new idea. has a program that allows customers to create a personalized photo album directly from their website. Customers upload pictures, add text and choose from a variety of page colors, layouts and fonts.

But here is how it becomes a wedding guest book.

1. Choose some of your favorite photos of you and future hubby - both of you together as a couple and individual photos. Throw in some pics of the two of you as babies, as well as some pictures of you growing up with your parents and siblings. Be careful of adding pictures of you with friends, as you might hurt feelings if some friends make the cut and others don't.

Choose pictures that tell the story of your lives. If you like to travel together, show pictures of the two of you on vacation. If you met in college, show pictures from your Alma Mater. Don't be ashamed to show silly pictures. They add to the charm of the book.

2. Go to the front page of the photo book section of the website and select the size of book you would like to use.

3. Depending on the book, you will be able to change the front and back color at this point. But don't worry, you can always go back later and make more changes.

4. Upload your photos.

5. Click "change page layout" to alter the number of pictures and to add text-only pages to your book.

6. You will need to play around with your options here and determine the line size and appropriate spacing so your guests will have room to write on the lines.

7. Add interest to your guest book by changing the layout, but use the same font type and color throughout the book to maintain consistency.

8. Click the "design options" tab so you can change the font, add borders or alter page colors.

9. Preview and order.

Instead of asking your guests to simply sign your guest book, ask them to write you a message. They will enjoy the gesture and you will have a book you will be proud to display in your new home year-round.

** When you receive your book in the mail, test several pen types and colors to ensure your guests' memoirs don't rub off of the page.

Photos courtesy of frogsrockmysocks.

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