Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Most Romantic Day of the Year: Fresh Ideas for a Valentine's Day Wedding

Weddings are always special, but nothing says “romance” like Valentine’s Day nuptials. Besides the obvious red roses and pink hearts, there are certain things you can do to add a touch of class while ensuring your Valentine’s Day wedding is a success.

A bride should always remember that “her special day” is still a-day-in-the-life of everyone else.
Think about it... your guests could go anywhere they want, but they are choosing to spend your wedding day with you. It's especially important to remember this when your wedding coincides with a holiday. So make your guests your priority when planning your Valentine's Day wedding and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Sure red, white and pink scream Valentine’s Day, but modern brides should opt for a little diversity. Consider other romantic colors such as:
- Deep purple and regal blue
- Shades of deep red or burgundy
- Bright white and silver, with a dash of blood red

Think traditional Valentine's Day colors are more your style? Then consider
- Red and deep brown
- Light pink and shimmering silver

The key is to choose your colors and stick to them. Those red heart-shaped candles might be perfect table decorations for a Valentine’s Day wedding, but if you chose shades of ivory and blush pink for everything else, they might look out of place. Keep this in mind as you select colors and shop for items.


Set the tone and notify guests of your Valentine’s Day wedding well in advance. Consider sending your invitations 10 weeks prior to your wedding so guests can discuss the option with their spouse/significant other or date and plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day at your wedding.

American Greetings has an array of printable invitations, bags, labels, and other printable products. Be creative. I like the idea of sending a “Be Our Valentine” card to your guests and asking them to join you for a Valentine’s Day wedding celebration.

When I think of romance I think of soft fabrics, airy space and lots of miniature lights and candles. Think about the most romantic restaurant you and your future hubby have visited and ask yourself these three questions.

1. In general, what made the atmosphere of the restaurant romantic?
2. What one thing do you remember most about the ambiance?
3. How can you replicate it?

The idea behind a Valentine's Day wedding is romance, and that means more than hearts and flowers.

Nothing says romance like a string quartet or strolling musician. If your budget allows, hire a violinist to walk throughout your reception, pausing at least once at every table. If your budget doesn’t allow for live musicians for the entire reception, consider hiring one person to play for the cocktail hour, then hire a DJ for the rest of the night.

Play Valentine songs as your guests enter the dining area, such as “My Funny Valentine,” by Frank Sinatra, “Valentine,” by Jim Brickman and Martina McBride and “Lady Valentine” by David Gates.

Consider adding these special touches to your Valentine’s Day wedding.

- Instead of naming your tables by numbers, name them after Valentine’s Day icons. You could have the “Kisses Table,” “The Red Rose Table,” “The Chalky Candy Hearts Table.” Brainstorm with your friends and have fun.

- Send your guests off with a small heart-shaped box of chocolates.

- Give each female guest a red rose as she enters the wedding ceremony.

Just remember, you will have many more Valentine’s Days to spend with your soon-to-be-spouse, but you-and likely your guests-will only get one chance for a day like this. So take the time and plan ahead to ensure your Valentine's Day wedding will be the best Valentine's Day your guests have ever had. They'll thank you for it!

Photos courtesy of Venson Kuchipudi, javaloca, and erloteiel

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