Thursday, February 19, 2009

Unique Wedding Transportation

So it's your wedding day and driving up in your Ford or even your BMW just isn't special enough for your wedding day. You will find that most wedding couples choose to rent a limo - which can be a great option. It is formal and usually has enough room for a few of your wedding attendants to join you.

But what has really become popular is limo buses. These are "tricked out" buses that can have everything from a full bar to strobe lights to state-of-the-art sound systems. Now these are great if you are looking for transportation for all of your attendants and want to have a more fun party atmosphere. However, some people aren't looking for what everyone else is doing and/or really want to share some special time with their new spouse after the wedding. For those wedding couples, here is a few suggestions on fun, unique wedding transportation.

A lot of major cities now have a regular trolley system that runs throughout the city. For your wedding day, inquire about renting one to have it transport you and your attendants to your wedding reception location. These trolleys can also make for great drive-by pictures with you and your attendants standing on the edges.

I think that this is a given if you are having your wedding reception near a pond, river, lake or ocean. What is great about choosing a location is using the elements and integrating them into your wedding. This is a perfect way to do that. Rent a boat from a local marina and have them drive you into "port" with all of your guests waiting to greet you. Plus, if you choose to only have you and your new spouse, use that time out in the middle of the water to really enjoy one another.

Old-Fashioned Car
I love when couples choose to use an old-fashioned car as their wedding transportation. It always brings you back to a different era. Most wedding couples will find that there are a lot of places to rent an old-fashioned car, some may even know someone who owns one. One way in particular is to keep an eye out for old-fashioned car shows. I swear in the summer I see 10 or more. Take a stroll through the show and inquire with the owners if they rent out the cars for wedding transportation.

For me this seems like a bit over the top, but people do it. I guess if you have the money, why not arrive at your wedding reception in grand fashion? Call your local airfield and inquire about local helicopter companies and make sure that your reception venue and the helicopter company work together.

All of these are great ideas, but in the end the wedding couple has to choose one that fits into their budget and meets their needs. If they really want to take the time in between the ceremony and reception to spend quality alone time together, choose a smaller town car or a boat. If you are looking to have fun and enjoy that time with your friends go for a limo bus or a trolley. Whatever you choose, take that time to really celebrate with each other.

Have you seen any other interesting forms of wedding transportation?

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