Thursday, April 16, 2009

Four Ways to Show Your Creativity at Your Wedding

Long gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings with white roses, tulle-tied chairs and assorted mints and nuts. Today’s brides are getting creative. And with more options than ever, it's easy to kick your creativity up a notch and inject a bit of fun flavor into your wedding day.

Not sure where to start?

I’ll help.

Here are four ways you can be creative with your wedding.

1. Accessories
I went to a high-school sweetheart wedding once where all of the bride’s attendants pranced down the aisle wearing a candy ring pop on their left hand. It was fun and youthful and reflected the couple’s jovial nature.

At another wedding, the bride wore an elegant floor-length white dress, but when she knelt for the marital blessing, bright red shoes peeked out from beneath her hem. It was a fun surprise for the guests and it showed the bride’s fun side.

Keeping with the shoe theme, choose a variety of rainbow shades and ask your attendants to each wear a different color sandal. Keep in mind, this only works if your wedding colors are basic and if the girls are wearing a simple solid dress, such as black or brown.

Not into mix-match shoes? Then how about having your toes painted in a bright blue hue to accommodate your something blue. Take it a step further and have your attendants paint their nails, as well.

2. Attendants
We’ve listed ways you can be creative when popping the question to your wedding attendants … but here is one more idea.

I was recently invited to be in the “wedding posse” for one of my closest friends. She created cards for each of us, glued our faces onto the most tragic bridesmaid dresses she could find and tied them together with ribbon and accessories. They were a wonderful souvenir for each of us and they showcased the bride’s creative talents. If you want to see how she made them, read up on it here.

3. Stationery
In keeping with the creative stationery theme, let’s quickly brainstorm all of the paper materials you need for your Big Day.

- Save the Dates
- Invitations
- Reply Cards
- Thank You Cards
- Programs
- Menu Cards
- Table Cards
- Escort Cards
- Place Cards

Now … surely with all of those stationery items we can get creative.

First of all, look through magazines and websites for some of your favorite ideas and think of ways you can reproduce those yourself. You can print cards such as place cards, escort cards, menu cards or programs at home then add theme-appropriate embellishments. This will be a fun project for you and your friends and your guests will think you spent a fortune.

4. Extras
I always say the success is in the details, so think of other ways you can do something new-something your guests haven’t seen before. In each element of my wedding, I asked myself what I could do that would be different.

One of the best things I created was a personalized wedding day activity book for the kiddos. I placed one at each child’s seat, along with a napkin full of colored pencils and an Italian chocolate “Surprise” egg. The kids loved them-in fact, several parents were caught playing along, as well.

What are some of the most creative things you’ve seen at weddings? What do you hope to do to make your wedding more unique?

Photos courtesy of Andrea Unplugged and wedding pictures from CMoore at My Bella Vita


Hannah Noel said...

My bridesmaids all have red shoes with their black dresses. My mom and FMIL are also doing black with red!

Cherrye said...

Nice! I love it. Sooo chic!