Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day

Many brides have a vision for their wedding day. They see a picture-perfect ceremony location, the ideal reception-the perfect man. As they progress through the wedding planning stages they start to envision the atmosphere of the venue, the glow in the air, the music and maybe the food.
They might have an idea of the dress they want and how they want to look but unfortunately, many brides really have to search for that perfect hair and makeup look. That isn’t one of the decisions that jumps out to them.

If this sounds familiar and you are searching for your wedding day hairstyle-listen in. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect hairstyle for your wedding.

Brainstorm Ideas
Look through magazines, photographs and websites and gather ideas for your wedding day hairstyle. A few good sites are WeddingChannel.com, TheKnot.com and Brides.com. Cut out or print any pictures you find interesting and save them for your stylist.

Get Personal
And with this, I mean consider your hair texture. If you have fine hair that easily goes limp, a long, straight style likely won’t hold all day. On the other hand, if your hair is naturally curly and you are getting married in Orlando in July, then consider how that humidity will affect you.

Also consider which hairstyles look best on you. Don’t try to do something drastically different. If you have always had short hair, you don’t have to grow it or get extensions for your wedding. Go with what looks best on you and you’ll be happy.

Be Yourself
Many brides want to undergo a transformation for their wedding day. They want to look beautiful. Exotic. Glamorous. And that is ok. Just be sure that you maintain YOUR look. You want to be a more beautiful, more exotic, more glamorous version of YOURSELF on your wedding day. You don’t want the groom to wonder who is gliding down the aisle toward him, now do you?

Avoid Trends
A trend is a “trend” because it is a style that comes and goes. You want your wedding to be timeless. Choose a classic hairstyle that will withstand the test of time and your grandchildren will have nothing but compliments to say when they look at your photos.

See Your Stylist
If you have a stylist you are devoted to, then talk to her in the months leading up to your wedding. Ask her for her input and suggestions. Ask what styles she would recommend for your hair type. Carry your brainstorm photos with you, show them to her and ask for her feedback.

As the Big Day approaches, make an appointment to do a test run on your hair. Many brides like to do this on the day of their bridal portraits. It is a good idea to see how the hairstyle works with your make-up, dress and veil. Take pictures of your hair on this day-assuming you *love* it-so your stylist will remember exactly what she did. Be sure to get photos from all angles so she can easily replicate the look for your wedding day.

Have you selected a hairstyle yet? What is it? Are you wearing your hair up or down? Straight or curly?

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