Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three Tips to Setting the (Right) Wedding Date

It is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a newly engaged couple, yet many couples jump the gun and make a decision-without giving it proper thought.

I’m talking about the date.

The wedding date, that is.

Not only will this date live on year after year-whether he remembers it or not-but it is important because the date you choose could have a huge impact on your guest count, wedding theme and vendor availability.

Here are three tips to ensuring you set the right wedding date.

1. Find the biggest red-letter day calendar you can find and mark an “X” on the AVOID dates.

In general, dates to avoid include

- Daylight savings days (so your guests won’t accidentally miss your nuptials!)

- Thanksgiving Day

- Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

- Super Bowl Weekend

- Easter Sunday

2. On the same calendar, circle any POTENTIALLY AVOID dates.

Some dates you should potentially avoid include long weekends when your guests might have other things to do. For example, having your wedding the weekend of President’s Day isn’t a big deal, as most guests don’t honor this weekend with out of town BBQs or trips to the lake. However, they might for the weekends of Labor Day and Memorial Day. Keep the following observances in mind when you plan your Big Day ...

- Memorial Day Weekend (Explained above)

- Labor Day Weekend (Same for Memorial Day)

- Independence Day (Same for Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends … people might be out of town or on family vacations.)

- Mother’s Day (Some families plan big feasts for their mamas each year and might not want to / or feel pressured not to miss the occasion.)

- Father’s Day (Same goes for dear ‘ole dad's day.)

- New Year’s Eve (It could be a great party, but keep in mind that many people might be out of town or prefer to celebrate on their own. This is especially true if you aren’t having a big party with drinking and dancing.)

- Halloween (Unless you plan to have a costume party and/or Halloween-themed wedding, rethink this date.)

- April Fools’ Day (Unless you are into funky celebrations ... then go for it!)

- Your Birthdays (It might seem cute to get married on your groom’s birthday, but consider that forever forward, he’ll have to share his birthday with your wedding anniversary. You’ll have to buy two gifts for the same day and he’ll essentially be losing a date of celebration.

- Other Dates that are important to you, your groom, your families or your closest friends. For example, you might not want to get married on the day your soon-to-be husband’s mother passed away. It is poor taste ... you know what I'm saying?

3. Carry that calendar with you when you meet various venues or caterers that could make or break your preferred wedding date.

It is possibly-likely even, that you will go through this process and choose a date, only to have your number one caterer of choice tell you he’s booked. That is ok. If you have made notes on your calendar and at least tried to think of any potential date conflicts-and noted them!-then you can easily adjust your wedding date to suit your favorite vendors.

Also keep in mind that non-popular wedding months (like January or November) might be less expensive, as well as getting married on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday. As always, keep in mind that out-of-town guests might have a hard time arriving for your 6:00 PM Thursday evening wedding-especially if they plan to drive.

What other dates do you think couples should choose and/or avoid?


Lynnifer said...

I would also avoid getting married on a sibling or close friend's wedding anniversary. Don't steal their thunder.

Cherrye Moore said...

Great point! Thanks for sharing.