Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Five Bridal Accessories You Can’t Hit the Aisle Without

Fashion experts say nothing completes a look like well-placed accessories … and I couldn’t agree more. I’m not talking about shoes and a hair clip, though-you know you need those. I’m talking about the little things. The small details that show you are well-prepared, organized and classy bride who is ready to strut her stuff.

Here are five bridal accessories you can’t get married without.

1. A Family Memento
Notice I didn’t say “a family heirloom.” Yes, yes … wearing your grandmother’s wedding brooch in your veil or tucked into your bouquet is a beautiful way to honor her, but what if your grandmother doesn’t have any old valuables?

Don’t worry. This must-have bridal accessory can include anything from an old photo wrapped inside your bouquet to a hairpin you remember your mother wearing throughout your childhood.

About six months before my wedding, I found my husband’s first baby blanket. With his father’s permission, of course, I snipped a piece of the blue ribbon and asked my florist to include it inside my bridal bouquet. It was a nice way to include his family in the wedding and doubled as my “something blue.”

invisible setting diamond earringsImage by paparutzi via Flickr

2. A Nice Piece of Jewelry
For the record I am not an expensive gems type of girl. Like many women, I like a nice diamond ring here and there, but on a day-to-day basis I don’t wear expensive jewelry and I am against the idea of running out and spending thousands of dollars on diamond and platinum earrings if they are just for your wedding.

That being said it *is* your wedding day (and you are a princess) so if, let’s say your fairy Godmother insists on loaning you her glimmering eye candy for your walk down the aisle, then take her up on it. If you don’t have a family member or close friend who is dripping in diamonds, then consider renting one nice piece from a reputable online company such as Adorn Brides, where you can rent $3,000 white gold and diamond earrings for around $100.

3. A Bridal Veil
There is something about seeing yourself in your veil that really hits home with most brides. For me, I always knew I was getting married-but when my stylist placed my veil in my hair, I looked like a bride. Yet, some modern brides are considering forgoing this tradition and are opting to walk down the aisle veil-less. If you are thinking about ditching the veil, then just remember … this is the only time in your life you’ll ever be able to wear a veil-and pull it off. And nothing can make you feel more like a bride than a soft, flowing veil.

4. New Lipstick
… or blush or eye shadow or even lip liner.

More and more brides are trying to save money by doing their own makeup-and I don’t blame them. I did my own makeup, as well. But having one new item that you purchased just for your wedding will freshen up your look and make you feel more beautiful. Consider purchasing a new lipstick, eye shadow, lip liner or even a new fragrance for your wedding day. Just be sure to give it a test run before the Big Day.

5. A Great Smile
I know you have a million and one things on your to-do list, but nothing enhances a bride’s look like a great smile. Start using Crest White Strips, or your favorite over-the-counter teeth whitener about a month before your Big Day. You’ll only need one-to-two weeks for the strips to work, then you’ll have a beautiful, gleaming smile for all your pre-wedding, wedding and honeymoon events!

What other accessories do you think every bride needs when she walks down the aisle?
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Chatterberries said...

Thanks for sharing this post. I agree this are all important things that you should have on your wedding day.

Cherrye Moore said...

Thanks for your comment, Chatterberries!