Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Save Thousands of Dollars-Four Things You Can Live Without

Are you a budget-savvy bride who wouldn’t mind saving thousands of dollars on your magazine-quality blowout, but don’t want to look like you scrimped, cut corners or suddenly became Madame Cheapo?

Well, if you are-you are in luck!

Here are four things you can live without on your Big Day that are guaranteed to trim thousands off of your big budget’s bottom line! And let's be honest. What bride doesn’t want a trimmer bottom for her wedding day?

1. Guest List

Slicing and dicing your guest list is the number one way couples can control the costs of their wedding. It is also the number one most painful thing they’ll do. And think about it. You are happy. Your future hubby is happy. You want everyone you know to share in that happiness. I get that!

But did you know that cutting just 10 people from your guest list can save you at least $1,000? It can!

Consider this!
Ten people on your guest list each have a “plus one,” bringing the actual guest total you have to serve up to 20 people. Now, let’s underestimate and assume you will spend $35.00 per person for food and beverage, tax and grats …That is $700! Add in the extra two tables you will need to seat 20 people, including the cost of centerpieces, menu cards, chair covers, etc and you will save at least $200. Consider a $50 savings on cake and another $60 on favors. Don’t forget the extra money you will save on invitations, thank you cards, RSVP cards, stamps and programs … at least another $50. That is already over $1,000.

Adds up doesn’t it?

You can also trim your guest list by omitting the “plus one” for single guests and not including an invite for the kiddos.

2. Favors

Party favors are fun and everyone likes to take something home with them as a reminder of the wedding event. That being said … they are far from essential. I’ve actually been to more weddings that didn’t have favors than wedding that did and more often than not, your guests won’t even notice! You can easily save several hundred dollars on your wedding by forgoing the favors.

3. Cakes and Desserts

Did you know wedding cakes can range from just a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars? Scary, huh? By diligently searching out the best value bakers in your area, you can skim hundreds off of your wedding budget.

Looking for ways to save even more? Forget about the Groom’s Cake. Wedding cakes today are often created in a variety of flavors, so by omitting the Groom’s Cake altogether, you can expect to save a few hundred dollars. You could also serve the wedding cake as your only dessert. Many caterers will urge you to serve dessert or offer a dessert bar, then serve cake. Talk about overkill.

4. Expensive Stationary

I know everywhere you look you see designer stationary that costs upward of $5.00 or $6.00 an invite. They are sassy. They are feminine. They are precious. But you can do them yourself. Consider creating your own invitations online at American Greetings (or other site of your choice), then adding your own embellishments. You will save hundreds of dollars and you can create a tailored look unique to your wedding.

What other things do you think couples can skip when trying not to bust their budgets?

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