Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Host a Morning-after Brunch

Wedding weekends are becoming increasingly popular, regardless of whether the wedding is an out-of-town affair or hometown event. In fact, they are so hot right now that planners and caterers are actually including them in some of their wedding packages.

If you have been considering a morning-after brunch, then ask yourself the following questions.

- Will you have a large number of out-of-town guests?

- Have people traveled a great distance to attend your wedding?

- Do you anticipate many people staying overnight and/or being available for a morning-after brunch?

- Will your guests still be happy to spend time together and see each other in yet another wedding-related event?

- Can you afford it?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions then you are a perfect candidate for a morning-after brunch.

So here is what you do!

- Plan in Advance
As with other aspects of your wedding, advanced planning pays off! Think of your morning-after brunch with the same forethought and creative mind you used when planning your rehearsal dinner. Additionally, be sure to send invitations to your guests or include the details on your wedding website.

- Location, Location, Location
Although many caterers and/or banquet facilities will encourage you to hold your morning-after brunch at the same location as your wedding ... think again! Consider where you can host your morning-after brunch that will offer some diversity to both the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. If your reception was ultra-formal, then consider something more laid back. Be careful, however, not to do the opposite. You don’t want any part of your wedding weekend to outshine the Big Event, so plan accordingly.

You should also be considerate of where your guests are staying and how far they will have to drive to attend the event. Unless your wedding reception was held in a ballroom of the hotel where you have blocked your rooms, consider hosting your morning-after brunch there. It is convenient and guests don’t have to worry about checking out early so they can attend your brunch.

- Choose the Time
As with location, the time of your morning-after brunch is crucial. You certainly don’t want to be forced out of bed early on your first married-couple morning and if your guests had as much fun as you anticipate, they won’t want to wake up early, either.

Try to plan your morning-after brunch to span a few hours so your guests can trickle in and out according to their sleeping habits and travel plans.

- Plan the Menu
Since you will likely plan for a two-to-three hour event, a brunch buffet is the way to go. Guests won’t feel left out or uncomfortable if they arrive while others are eating and no one will feel pressured to stay after they have eaten brunch and said their goodbyes.

- Get Some Help
While you will no doubt be the stars of the show at the morning-after brunch, ask your parents and/or siblings to help host the event. Explain the format to them in advance. Ask them to help you meet and greet guests as they arrive and instruct them to pull you away from other guests when someone is leaving. Their assistance will go a long way in ensuring everyone feels welcomed and included in the morning-after brunch.

Are you hosting a morning-after brunch following your wedding? What are your plans?

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