Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Four Honeymoon Travel Tips You Can’t Leave Home Without

Your Big Day is quickly approaching and that only means one thing ... It is time for your honeymoon! As if you don’t have enough other things on your never-ending to-do list of phone calls, taste tests and dress fittings you also have to think about the days and weeks that follow.

But never fear.

Here are four honeymoon travel tips designed to help you make the most of your first married-couple vacation!

1. Make Decisions Early

And by decisions, I mean choose the location and exact dates and make your reservations as early as possible. Depending on the season and destination, some honeymoon hot spots fill up quickly. Save money by booking your plane tickets, hotel and transfers as early as possible. Some websites, such as Expedia.com, offer substantial savings to travelers who book their flights, hotels and rental cars at the same time. It is worth looking into.

Additionally, be sure to order any passports or visas you might need for international travel well in advance. Having these important decisions out of the way will ease your wedding and honeymoon-planning stress and will allow you more time to focus on the fun.

2. Plan Your Trip for Two

As you might have realized one of you is likely more of a detail-oriented planner while the other tends to step back and accept what comes along. This is ok. However, whoever the dominant vacation planner is needs to be careful to include his/her spouse on some of the details.

I am the trip planner in my marriage and my husband is more than happy to step back and let me make decisions regarding airline, flight schedule and hotel accommodations. I enjoy the research and he trusts my decisions. I was surprised, however, on our honeymoon to realize that he would prefer to visit the ancient ruins at Tikal, while I assumed he would prefer the part of the trip that focused on San Pedro (Belize). In the end it worked out perfectly and we had a great time, but not all surprises-like that one-have a happy ending. I should have asked in advance.

3. Pack Well

While I understand you want to look your best during your honeymoon, over-packing and expecting your hubby to haul around heavy suitcases is just. plain. inconsiderate. Make a list of everything you need, spread your clothes across your bed, then cut that number in half. You will want to save space in your luggage for souvenirs, new t-shirts or something special you can display in your new home.

Also, remember to pack half of your things and half of his in each suitcase. That way if the airline misplaces a bag, you will each have clothes to help get your honeymoon started.

4. Communication is Key

It is always important to practice strong communication with your soon-to-be-spouse, so why not start this lifelong process during your honeymoon. Remember to communicate your interests, your energy level and your honest desire on what to see and what to skip. Here are three more tips for traveling as a couple that are sure to set your honeymoon off on a romantic foot!

Have you already been on your honeymoon? What other travel tips do you have for soon-to-be-honeymooners?

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