Thursday, March 5, 2009

Personalized Thank You Gifts Your Attendants Will Thank You For

I think it is safe to say I am a big proponent of pampering your attendants. From Day One when you pop the question and throughout the weeks and months leading up to the Big Day, you should show your bridesmaids and ushers how grateful you are for their services.

I know money is tight and you can't treat your attendants to free lunches or dinners or possibly even drinks when they are helping you plan your wedding. They know that and they don't expect you to foot the bill each time they are with you. However, sending them cards-even ecards-is a great way to boost their motivation and let them know you appreciate them. The last thing you want is an attendant who feels overworked and under-appreciated helping you at your wedding.

Most brides know they should give their attendants a thank you gift following the wedding. Some brides choose a one-size fits-all approach and buy like-minded gifts for each person. Other brides select individual gifts based on each attendant's personality.

I don't think one way is better than the other in regards to how to buy gifts but one thing is certain ... show your attendants your appreciation and do it with a thoughtful gift that will reflect your friendship.

You've probably heard successful business people say that everyone loves to hear his or her name aloud. That is why professional salespeople often repeat your name several times throughout a conversation ... research shows it works.

Well it also works with your friends. And what better way to say thank you for all of their hard work and dedication than with a personalized thank you gift?

The selection of personalized photo gifts available at ensures even the most discerning bride can find something for everyone on her list. From mugs to canvas prints to woven throws your wedding attendants are sure to love whichever gift you choose.

Here are four of my favorite personalized photo gifts for under $30 each that I would have loved to receive when I was a bridesmaid.

* Personalized Photo Journal, from $14.95

Find a flattering picture of you and your attendant goofing off, hanging out or participating in a shared-interest activity (like playing tennis or drinking coffee) and splash it across the cover of their personalized journal. You can also create a jpeg version of a thank you note to include in the bottom section.

* Photo Coasters, from $24.95

For this gift idea, consider waiting until after the wedding and choosing a photo of the two of you together in your Wedding Day attire. They will be a fun conversation piece and a sentimental reminder of your special day.

* Photo Keepsake Box, from $29.95

Depending on how long you and your attendant have been friends, you might want to find an old picture of the two of you when you were younger. Pull out those old high school photos or ask his or her parents or spouse for other interesting photo ideas.

* Photo Wine Box, from $29.95

You can choose up to the three photos for the wine box gift and I suggest finding three different photos that reflect your friendship with your attendant. If possible, consider giving this gift at a later date and including a photo of the two of you at your wedding. This is a perfect gift for both the men and women in your wedding party.

What are some of the best gifts you have ever receieved for being in a wedding? Why did that gift mean so much to you?


photo gifts said...

This is a brilliant idea. I will suggest this to my sister for her wedding. It will ad an extra touch!

Cherrye Moore said...

Thanks. I hope she likes them.