Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three Wedding Themes You Might Not Have Considered

We’ve discussed how knowing your wedding style can make or break your Big Day but brides who choose and adhere to a specific theme can transform their wedding day.

There is no shortage of fun wedding themes on the Internet. Favor Ideas lists 11 themes that can help you save money, Your Wedding Company lists 30 fun ideas and WedThemes.Com lists wedding themes they claim “suit many tastes.” All great ideas. But here are three more wedding themes you might not have ever considered.

1. First Love Wedding
Nothing compares to the innocence of a first love, so bring back the days of puppy love and paper Valentines with a First Love themed-wedding. Complete with bright, bold primary colors, this theme reminds wedding guests of grade school crushes and of the unending promise of first love.

Choose invitations with the image of a young couple, such as Precious Moments stationery line. These invites are the epitome of innocence and are guaranteed to set the tone of your first love themed wedding. Model the reply card after a traditional children’s love note. (For example, “We hope you can come. Can you? Yes, No, Maybe.”)

Instead of traditional wedding cake, serve brightly colored cupcakes.

Think of over-sized crayons, hearts and a teacher’s blackboard.

Dress your attendants in brightly colored knee-length dresses that reflect the fun and innocence of your theme.

2. New Year’s Eve Party (any night of the year!)
Any night can be New Year’s Eve as long as there is fun, friendship and fireworks – oh, and champagne! Ring in your wedding night by inviting your family and friends to celebrate your wedding New Year’s Eve style.

Choose invitations that evoke the lively celebration your guests can expect at your wedding. Consider including a champagne glass and bubbles and telling them that you will celebrate New Year’s Eve a little early this year. Make sure your wedding date is listed prominently on your invite. You don’t want invitation-skimming guests to miss the Big Day or show up on December 31.

Food and Drink
Your options here are limitless. Have a full sit-down dinner with several courses, host an all-night buffet or serve heavy appetizers for dinner, followed with a breakfast buffet post-midnight. Whichever food option you choose be sure to have plenty of cocktails and champagne to go around.

- Have a party hat for each guest.
- Drop confetti at midnight and play “Auld Lang Syn.”
- Ask your maid of honor and best man to give a brief toast just before midnight.
- Countdown to midnight and pop open another bottle of champagne.

3. Murder Mystery Romance
Surprise your friends with a Murder Mystery party turned wedding celebration. Imagine their surprise when they arrive for your “party” and get to see you and your future spouse tie the knot.

Choose invitations that reflect the theme of your murder mystery story.

Food and Drink
About halfway through the murder mystery, invite your friends and family members to dinner. You can either choose to serve something that reflects the murder mystery theme or serve items from your favorite dinner menu.

Dress your attendants in character costumes and ask them to play important parts in the murder mystery show.

Give your guests a wedding favor that either echoes the murder mystery theme or choose “detective-type” gifts such as a magnifying glass. Have fun with this!

Are you having a wedding theme? What is it? What is your favorite wedding theme?

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