Tuesday, July 15, 2008

KISS Weddings - Simple as 1-2 3 and Anti-trendy

Here are more KISS - keep it simple and stunning - secrets for a successful and elegant affair!

Simplicity is the key. There are even magazines, like Real Simple, devoted to the concept. Why not keep your wedding with the times and strive for simple -- but wow your guests and show them just how stunning simple can be!

Simple as 1-2-3

As much as you can, limit your color scheme to three colors. For example, using three shades of blues and purples against a white background will create a more harmonious aesthetic than a room filled with a riot of yellows and greens and reds. It also means coordinating your colors, your wedding linens, your wedding invitations, bridesmaids' dresses and wedding flowers in the same three colors.

Your centerpieces can be equally simple - for example, a single narrow vase, a wedding sticker or accessory tag beneath it, holding three unusual flowers will create a dramatic effect, especially when repeated on all the tables.

Additionally, the 1-2-3 concept goes for food. Have a choice of 3 appetizers, 2 entrees (with sides, of course) and 1 dessert besides the wedding cake. You will be surprised how dramatic and stunning your wedding will be if you apply the idea of a simple 1-2-3.

Simple stunning weddings are never trendy.

Simple design, by its very designation, is both classic and contemporary. It can have any kind of wedding theme, or represent any kind of ethnic wedding, but it always emphasizes well chosen details and not the latest fads! A table laid with crisp white linens and a simple centerpiece, white china, clear crystal and shining flatware will always look elegant, no matter what the theme or color scheme.

Centerpieces don’t have to be overflowing. Place floating flowers and candles in simple clear bowls. This is both romantic and easy on the budget. You only need a few for each table and they don’t create the fuss of huge arrangements that can often block the view of the diners from each other. Make sure that these flowers are in your 1-2-3 color scheme.

For a chic contemporary wedding design, choose orchids, daisies, dahlias or sunflowers, while a classical surrounding calls for gardenias, peonies or roses. Coordinate the candle color to the flowers and float them away.

Use simple placecards for each place setting and have a small elegant wedding favor attached to them. A simple wedding favor can be a small bag with Jordan almonds attached to a wedding sticker or a gift tag with the couple’s names and wedding date printed on them. No fuss, and everyone has a nice treat to take home.

Simple doesn’t mean you skimp -- it means you determine what your design for your wedding will be and stick to it, following a few simple rules. Next time we will talk about unifying themes, design priorities and a well-conceived plan.

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