Thursday, July 24, 2008

An At Home Wedding - Pt. 2

An at-home wedding contains all of the elements of a regular wedding combined with a party held at a home. So here are some more tips to make your at-home wedding a spectacular affair!

Decorate your home.

Adorn your entrance or front door with a wedding wreath. Add a garland to the patio or deck railing and personalize it with photos of both families. If you have guests who are going inside and outside, make sure the indoors are decorated as well with wedding favors, and small vases of flowers.

Decorate the bathrooms with flowers and candles in your wedding colors, and if you can have guest towels coordinated as well that would be an excellent touch. Use your wedding theme to determine your three-color palette and coordinate, decorate and enjoy.

Consider borrowing furniture and accessories.

If you are on a budget and are unable to get everything that matches, consider mixing a bunch of different styles. Especially for a casual at-home wedding, guests don't really expect you to have everything matching. Have an eclectic mix of tables, chairs, plates, silver and glasses. Just remember to list everything you borrow so you can return it to its rightful owner.

I'd take a picture of the item (for dishes and glasses, etc., a single picture will do) and have prints made. Write the names of the owners on the print so that when you are divvying up after the wedding you know what goes to whom. Remember you are responsible for any damage and for coordinating all pickups and returns.

Rent! If you can afford it - rent it.

It's much easier to call a party rental company for tables, chairs, plates, linens, silver and glasses than having to scramble looking for them. Many rental companies have garden style chairs and benches to enhance your outdoor at home mood, along with folding chairs, tables , fountains, etc. The rentals may cost more than borrowing, but you don't have to schlep things. The company comes, delivers, sets-up, and picks-up. You don't even have to wash the dishes, glasses or linens - the company takes care of it!

Move precious objects and clutter.

This way you won't have to worry about the accidental breakage of grandma's Tiffany lamp. Guests will feel more comfortable moving freely about the rooms. Take up any delicate carpets, and arrange for a place to put dirty shoes should the weather turn foul. You might even provide slippers if everyone has to move indoors! At one home wedding I attended, there were dozens of flip flops for everyone to wear inside - and we got to keep the pair we used.

You are limited only by how much you can imagine for your at-home wedding. You can go as expensive as you like – hire a local chef, cater the entire meal from a gourmet shop, or host a BBQ potluck with everyone pitching in food and drinks. No matter what you choose, keep it wedding simple and stunning!

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