Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Keep It Simple And Stunning (KISS) Wedding - Part 1

KISS - or keep it simple and stunning - weddings are just that - a simplified way to celebrate without all the extraneous things that can actually interfere in your enjoyment of the special day.

  • Simple is not the same as cheap.
A simple wedding stems from a clear vision that is in harmony with the wedding theme and the setting. What you choose for linens, flowers, menu items, wedding invitations, and even the number of guests all determine your costs.

You can have a wedding reception at a 5-star restaurant for 50 guests that will cost as much as a wedding reception for 200 guests that you have prepared on your own. You just have to consider what you want to spend and on what.

  • Simple is not necessarily "minimalist."
A simple wedding design uses restraint to create a more powerful effect. It's the "less is more" concept. There are times when a single element, repeated several times in a design, gives a sense of opulence, while remaining simple. For instance, take a single hyacinth or hydrangea in a narrow glass vase, placed on each table. At the head table, place 10 or so of these flower-filled vases in a straight line. Simple and dramatic, with minimal fuss or cost.

Simplicity means limiting how many types of materials you use - simple linens, the same type of flower, colors, etc., whether you are having a Medieval wedding feast or a formal sit-down wedding dinner for 300 guests.

  • Simple, stunning weddings stress harmony and focus.
Take the time to discuss with your partner, your bridesmaids, your parents and whomever is paying for the wedding what type of theme you want. Brainstorm and make a list of priorities.

Discuss the the wedding style - formal, informal, or casual - and all the things that make up a simple, stunning wedding. Reach a consensus and then choose the setting with care, and design the wedding to suit your setting.

  • Simple, stunning weddings are comfortable parties.
Make sure first and foremost that your wedding guests enjoy your wedding. Sacrifice your "look" if it will make them uncomfortable. While it may be your day and you want it to look like your vision, take into account that your guests are there by your invitation and deserve your best hospitality.

For instance, don't seat everyone at long trestle tables in a narrow room so that the servers have to bump into them to get the food and drinks onto the table. The setting may look lovely, but the only thing your guests are going to remember is that it was impossible to relax and enjoy themselves with the servers banging into them because there was no room to get around. In the end, your vision needs to be adaptable so as to accommodate the comfort of your guests.

Next time we will talk about more simple truths about keeping your wedding simple and stunning!

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