Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eight Tips for Wedding Day Transportation

While it might not top your list of things to plan for your Big Day, wedding transportation is an important element of the day and is too often overlooked by busy, budget-conscience brides.

Can you imagine anything worse than hoping in the car with your new husband and being crushed between your mom and his dad? Uhm. Neither can I.

If you’d like to keep that classy exit in line with the other dazzling details of your wedding day, then read on. Here are five tips for choosing wedding day transportation and three things to keep in mind when scheduling the day.

Five Tips for Choosing Wedding Day Transportation

1. Remember Your Style
Back in March we discussed knowing your wedding day style and it is important to keep that in mind when selecting your get-a-way car. If you are having an uber-chic, modern wedding, then Cinderella’s carriage likely won’t go with your style du jour. On the other hand, Cinderella might not hop on a Harley.

2. Don’t Blow Your Budget
Yes, I know I just said it was important, but it is not budget-blowing important. Determine the maximum amount you can spend on wedding day transportation and choose options that fit within your specifications.

3. Plan for the Day
I know this sounds obvious, but take a few minutes and really think about the transportation you and your soon-to-be will need for your wedding day. Do you need to be transported to the ceremony, from the ceremony to reception and from the reception to your wedding night hotel? Do you just want transportation to make your “Big Exit?” When will you make your Big Exit-from the ceremony or from the reception?

4. Think of the “Others”
And “the others” I am referring to here are the parents, siblings and attendants who might also need transportation. If, for example, you hire a limo to transport you, your groom, your families and attendants to the ceremony, how will they get from the ceremony to the reception, assuming you and your groom travel that road alone?

5. Plan in Advance
Like many other aspects of your wedding, transportation options, especially is smaller cities or rural areas can book up quickly. Be sure to get a contract with important details, such as hourly rate, overtime rate and the exact car they will send for your wedding, in writing.

Three Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Scheduling

1. People
In most instances, guests will transport themselves to and from the wedding ceremony and reception. You know your group and you are likely to know who, if anyone, needs special assistance. If you are transporting more than one group in the same car, for example, the bride and her attendants, the groom and his attendants and special family members, be sure to plan accordingly.

2. Distance
When scheduling your car, speak to the driver regarding the specifics of the trip, ensure he has directions and knows where to park and confirm he has the schedule you sent to the company. (You will need to send a detailed schedule to the company a few days before the wedding.)

If the car has to make those multiple trips we described above, be sure to leave ample time for the car to go-and return-to the original location.

3. Timing
Be sure to plan for your car to drop you off well in advance of your guests’ arrival. You don’t want to walk up to the church next to your cousin’s new girlfriend. Even if you have to pay a little more, plan to have the bride and groom, and their attendants, to the ceremony early.

What other tips and advice do you have regarding wedding day transportation?

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