Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Advice for an Informal Wedding

Your informal wedding is nevertheless still a great time of celebration and joy. You want it to reflect who you are, and what you - as a wedding couple - are all about. Whether it's an at-home wedding, or held at a local park, hall, a restaurant or party room, you still want to be sure that what you do at this occasion is what you want to look back on years from now and remember happily.

1. Go with the easiest wedding attire.

Choose a wedding dress that echoes the simplicity of your style. You aren't being extravagant in anything else, so a cathedral trained wedding dress with a nine-foot veil would just seem out of place. Consider the time of day you are having your wedding and dress appropriately. A cocktail length wedding dress reflects the relative informality and is easily worn from afternoon through evening.

You are probably not having a lot of attendants, so let the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids choose their own dress. Give them your color scheme, the length that you'd like them to wear and let them find dresses that are flattering to them and still reflect your informal style. The same goes for the groom, let him choose a suit or something that is indicative of his style so he matches you. No need for a tuxedo unless you really want him to wear one!

2. Don’t try to over-impress.

This is key — if you try to impress people with your fancy wedding and it's not you, you’ll go to a lot of trouble and expense for something that puts on a false front. It’s really not worth it. Everyone has been to fancy weddings, and while they’re nice, they last for one day and they put you deeply in debt.

Unless you want a celebrity-style wedding on a budget, (here is an article that shows you ways to have one) don't try to do too much. If you aren't comfortable with a huge wedding blow-out - don't have one! You want to remember your day your way. Besides, the wedding is a party for you and your guests - you aren't going to have a spread in People magazine!

3. Keep the wedding decorations simple.

Have a few floral arrangements in your wedding colors, some candles with mirrors as centerpieces, some white mini-lights. You can supply aisle runners and flowers. Very minimal, very little trouble, very little expense.

4. Provide simple, elegant wedding favors.

Put some Jordan almonds or custom M & M's in lovely wedding favor boxes that are attached to placecards you've printed with the guests' names.

5. Splurge on the wedding cake!

As long as you serve this as a main part of your dessert, contact your local bakery, or a specialty wedding cake store and get something you will really love. I attended an informal wedding where the cake was a two-tier center cake of traditional wedding cake and two side cakes with carrot cake and chocolate cake, all tied together with the same icing. It was delicious and festive and everyone enjoyed it.

6. Simple entertainment.

If you are going for informality, don't hire a nine piece orchestra! Ask a friend to be a DJ or hire a professional. If you are lucky to have friends who play instruments, have them play at the ceremony and perhaps during your cocktail hour.

7. Simple photography

With today's digital cameras and outstanding places to get your wedding photos put into a wedding photo book, you are freed from the expense of a photographer. Ask someone you know well to be in charge of the photographs and even do the "formal shots." Better yet, place a disposable camera on each table and ask your guests to take pictures. You will get some great candids to add to your photo book.

8. Appoint a wedding coordinator for the day.

You don't have to hire a wedding planner (although that is an option) but do have someone who will ensure that all the details of your wedding are going smoothly. You, your parents, and your immediate family won't have time so having someone assigned to cover all the details just makes good sense. You should have all your details recorded in a wedding planning book that you can hand off to your assigned person to follow. This will enable you to relax and enjoy the wedding, confident that everything is in good hands!

Just because your wedding is informal, doesn't mean that you don't have to pay attention to all the details. They are just less cumbersome than a more formal extravagant wedding. The primary rules are to keep your wedding simple and your guests happy, and you will enjoy your day as much as they do.

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