Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top Three Mistakes Many Brides Make

We’ve all heard stories of the overbearing, obnoxious bride who demands everyone bow to her because, after all, SHE’S THE BRIDE.

Bridesmaids hide in the closet to escape from her. The groom works late shifts to avoid her. Even her mother doesn’t know how to deal with her.

When we hear of this bride … one word comes to mind.

Uhm. No. That’s not the “b” word I was thinking of …

It is Bridezilla.

Bridezilla is the bride who thinks she is the only woman who ever got married and feels as if the world owes her the wedding of her dreams.

But she isn’t the only “bride” we’ve seen with issues.

Here are the top three brides most often seen, the mistakes they make and tips on how to avoid becoming one of them.

1. SuperBride
Whether it comes from guilt at asking too much of others or out of egotistical pride at always doing everything well, many brides fail when it comes to asking for help-and they turn into SuperBride.

I was one of them. Almost.

See, I am usually the one other brides come to when they need help or have wedding-related questions, so it was hard for me to relinquish duties to others.

An easy solution for this bride is to ask friends or family members to help with
some of the DIY items or ask for help in researching certain aspects of the wedding.

2. The Incredible Shrinking Bride
So you’ve always dreamed of your special day, imagined the cake, the flowers, the dress-and thought, most of all, of how YOU would look when you walk down the aisle.

This is absolutely normal.

All brides want to look their best and we want to hear our guests gasping “Oh! She is just beauuutiful” as we march down the aisle. But that doesn’t mean we should go on crash diets, live at the gym or pledge to eat only cabbage soup until the Big Day.

Focusing too much on losing pre-wedding weight can add to an already stressful situation, can put a strain on your relationships and can easily spiral out of control.

Making life changing habits, such as healthy eating and regular exercise is one thing, trying to lose too much weight, too fast-just for your wedding day-is a mistake.

To help keep yourself on track from becoming this bride, try to eat more fruit and vegetables, exercise when you can and focus on a healthy lifestyle. In addition, considering purchasing a gown that has a corset back. These dresses fit brides one size larger and one size smaller than the dress size, thus eliminating the worry of whether your dress will fit on your Big Day.

3. The I-Can-Do-Anything-at-the-Last-Minute Bride
Thinking you can do anything the morning of your wedding, including place cards, flowers or decorating, is a mistake. Believe me, no matter what time your wedding starts, you won’t feel like you have enough time in the day to do the things you have to do-like shower, visit with your friends, have your hair done. You don’t want to add anything on top of this.

If there are certain things you feel must be done the morning of your wedding, get your friends and family members involved, create a detailed list and delegate. You’ll be glad you did.

What other mistakes do you think brides often make when planning their weddings? What advice can you offer them?

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jenny said...

I heard of one girl who forgot to add her mother in law's name on the wedding invitation haha! that was a big woops. If anyone is looking for help with their invitations and need help wording it you can use a wording wizard. a good one i know of is at http://www.optimalprint.co.uk/wedding-text-wizard
it prevents those embarassing mistakes and is easy to use! anyway thanks for the post!

Cherrye Moore said...

Fraudulent slip, maybe? :-) Thank you for the link.