Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Six Ways to Relieve Pre-Wedding Planning Stress

You might have been planning this day since you were a child. You have always known you wanted a bouquet of brightly-hued tulips, a princess-style dress and your best friend - your only sister - standing by your side. The band or DJ debate was easy for you and you have said “Yes,” to *the* most perfect man walking the earth.

But still …

In the midst of all of your wedding planning glory, your glamorous dress-fittings and frivolous shoe-shopping it will hit you.

I’m talking about stress. Pre-wedding stress. The kind that strikes when you least expect it and appears in the form of uncontrollable crying, irrational outbursts, over-eating, under-eating or sleepless nights.

The wedding planning stress struck me in an unusual way. I was okay with the florists’ exuberant quotes, I dealt with fickle venue managers … but you know what got me?

The priest. The irony was not lost.

If it hasn’t hit you yet - you are lucky... and if it has, don’t worry. Help is on the way. Here are six ways you can de-stress during your wedding planning.

Basic stress management techniques include:

1. Get enough sleep.
You should aim to sleep at least eight hours every night while you are planning your wedding. You will need your energy for bargaining with vendors.

2. Get moving.
I know you are busy and the idea of adding another half hour to your fully-scheduled day seems impossible. If you can’t add a regular exercise routine to your schedule, then at least take the stairs, walk to your colleagues' desks instead of instant messaging and park your car farther away.

3. Eat well.
Depending on your wedding weight goals, you may already be controlling your sugar intake and eating more vegetables. For what it's worth, I’ve never been a proponent of stressful pre-wedding diets, but either way you should eat balanced meals and avoid drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol disturbs your sleep patterns, thus working against Tip #1.

In addition to the basic catch-all stress management techniques, here are three wedding-specific ideas to help you beat your stress.

4. Hit the Town
The Brit’s call it Hen Night, the Americans call it a Bachelorette Party but what I’m talking about is a good ole’ fashioned Girls Night. Invite your girls to join you for a night out on the town. If drinking and dancing isn’t your thing, then head to a local coffee house, park or mall. The idea is to get away from your wedding for one whole day. Make a commitment not to talk about-and try not to think about-your wedding the whole day and/or night. You will wake up refreshed and ready to get back to work.

5. Get in the Groove
… your groove, that is. You probably have a sure-fire relaxation technique you’ve used over the years (you just might not realize it!) To find your groove, think back over the years to your most stressful times and what you did to overcome them. Although I’m not much of an outdoors exercise person, my beat-all stress-busting technique is to head outdoors with my MP3 player and jog or walk as fast as I can. Burning the extra energy always helps me relax and I return to my tasks with a clear head and better attitude.

6. Talk to Your Fiance
Feelings of stress and light anxiety are perfectly normal. You are not only anxious about the outcome of your Big Day, but the significance and longevity of a “forever” commitment can be stressful. Talk to your partner throughout the wedding planning to ensure you are still on the same page. This does not give you the green light to monopolize conversations with flower selections or cake flavors-it is just a reminder for you to occasionally check-in. Knowing you and your partner have similar ideas, goals and expectations for your future will help keep your stress at bay.

What other stress relieving tips do you have for other brides-to-be?

Photos couresty of madalena-pestana and Geff Rossi


TravelPRgirl said...
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TravelPRgirl said...

Great tips - Some of them seem so simple (like exercise and sleep), but they are great reminders during a stressful time. Also, I am partial to having a wedding planner on the team. Let them deal with all the stressful details so the bride can enjoy her day.

Cherrye said...

Hey TravelPRgirl, I agree with having a wedding planner on board if you can afford it. I know when I was planning weddings, I thrived on troubleshooting!