Tuesday, October 14, 2008

KISS Older Couple Wedding

I attended a wedding for an "older" couple last Saturday. Although it was a second wedding for the bride, it was a first time for the groom. Since the couple was together for 13 years before the wedding, it was more of a party to celebrate their love rather than a new beginning. (Here is a good article about "older wedding couples" and their needs.)

I asked the bride why it had taken them so long to make it official and she said, "Between my kids and their weddings, my parents passing on and then the grandkids coming, we never had time for ourselves. Now that everything is settled we decided to have the wedding I always wanted and never had." (Her first wedding was a hasty elopement when she was quite young.)

I have to say, that the bride kept the wedding simple and stunning. It truly was a KISS wedding, starting with the informal wedding gown, on through the wedding ceremony and ending with the wedding reception. As her parents are gone, the bride walked down the aisle accompanied by three bridesmaids and her little granddaughters. Her wedding gown silhouette was simple and elegant - no ball gown billowing out behind her. The bridesmaids all wore simple and flattering black tea length dresses that were age appropriate. Only the cute little flower girls had frills on their dresses. (They were the bride's three- and four-year-old granddaughters.)

After the wedding ceremony, the bridal couple eschewed the traditional receiving line and went around to each guest, greeting everyone as we all stood outside the church. No one threw anything, which made me happy - rice isn't good for birds, and bird seed is messy as the birds can attack to get it. Rose petals are a mess to clean up, too.

The wedding reception was fun and had some really poignant touches. As we entered the party center, there was a table set up with the guest book and place cards. Behind this was an open photo book of all the family who were gone. I saw the bride's parents, her aunt and uncle, my mom, uncle and even my grandmother. It was a nice gesture and made all of us quite nostalgic about the times when we were quite young.

Instead of wedding favors, there were signs on each table stating that the funds that would have been spent on the wedding favors were instead donated to the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer's Society.

A pretty wedding wishing well was set up for any additional donations to these societies, as well as a nice box for wedding cards for the wedding couple.

I really like that the wedding couple didn't throw bouquets or garters, and that the wedding cake was sliced and wrapped up for guests to take home.

This was a simple wedding where everyone danced, talked, and interacted with the wedding couple, who made a point of spending time with each guest.

This was an informal yet touching wedding and I am so glad I could share some of it with you. It just goes to show that keeping it simple doesn't preclude having a lot of heart.

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