Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedding Photography Tips - Pt. 1

Your wedding photographs are the best way to preserve your special day. Chances are that you and your new partner will be looking at your wedding photo albums for years to come, so your plans for hiring a photographer and getting candid shots are among the most important tasks in planning your wedding.

Here are some suggestions as to engaging the best photographer for your wedding.


If you are going to the considerable expense of hiring a professional photographer for your wedding, make sure he or she is experienced in wedding photography. Your photographer should prove that he or she is familiar with your ceremony type. This way the photographer can anticipate your next move and be in the proper place to get the best shots.

Personal Rapport

You may hire the best photographer in the world, but if you feel intimidated or just not comfortable with his attitude, you may also not feel comfortable with the final product. Comfort and compatibility with your photographer will make all the difference. You will be able to communicate what you want and it will be done. You will also look more relaxed in the final product and that should make a difference.


Look at examples of his or her work. See if the photographer is able to capture the emotion and the excitement of a wedding. A good wedding album is like a storybook - it tells the tale of your wedding day from start to finish. See what sort of pictures your photographer offers, discuss what sort of photographic style you want and be sure you are both in agreement as to set poses, candid and more creative shots.


Remember that when photographers give you the names of their references, they are telling you the names of people who are happy with their work. Make sure that at least one of the references is recent. Ask if the photographer was prompt, cordial, properly attired and performed his or her duties as expected and as professionally and unobtrusively as possible.

Digital Photography

Many photographers are using digital cameras and this allows them to switch between black and white easily. It also increases the number of wedding photo images from which you can select, since digital cameras shoot a lot more images than stock film. Since these pictures are easily eliminated, photographers using digital can also take more creative chances since it isn't wasting film.


Be absolutely certain that the photographer you interview is the one who will actually be the photographer at your wedding. Some companies use more than one photographer and will send their best to "sell" their wedding package to you. You hire the company based on the work of that photographer and end up with a less experienced one at your wedding. Be careful to establish that the photographer you interview is the one who will actually be taking the pictures at your wedding - and get it in writing!

Tomorrow, I'll share more tips on getting the most for your wedding photography budget.

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On A Roll said...

Good advice, but just one point - not all photography companies who use more than one photographer are dodgy... All our photographers are highly experienced and professional, and one has even won an award for her work!

It's best to ask to see the work of all the photographers in the company when deciding to hire.