Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Creative Wedding Trends

Getting away from money and travel for a bit, I thought we could talk about some of the more interesting trends that seem to be popping up for weddings these days. Couples are more creative in planning weddings and deviating from the “cookie cutter” norm of past years.

One of the most interesting trends is to create and print your own wedding invitations. This entails putting more of your personality into invitations, with the help of software programs and websites that offer ways to modify a design and add your own messaging. E-vites are also becoming a popular way to invite guests to the rehearsal dinner, engagement party, bridal shower or even to the wedding itself.

Another trend taking place these days is that more couples are choosing a midweek wedding. Thursday evening, Friday night or Sunday afternoon are becoming popular alternatives to the traditional Saturday wedding – and they cost way less too. I am going to a Friday wedding in a couple of days – I’ll let you know how that works out next week!

A wedding food trend increasingly popular at receptions are food stations. Instead of long buffet lines, guests can nibble their way through the party. Some brides are opting for all-dessert receptions or all-appetizer stations.

I was at a wedding last summer where there was a tent for cocktail hour, and there were tons of appetizers from which to choose, along with an open bar. Then there was a sit-down dinner, and for the rest of the evening, (the reception lasted from about 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.) there were food stations with desserts, chocolate fountains, a cappuccino and Greek coffee (a.k.a. espresso) station and, of course, the wedding cake. If you were a little peckish and didn’t want sweets, a station for additional savory appetizers was also available. This same family is having another wedding reception this summer and I can’t wait to see what they do this time!

Some couples opt for surprise wedding ceremonies. This is a particularly effective way to “pull off” a wedding without having anyone purchase gifts, or have all the other accoutrements a traditional wedding entails – bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, bridesmaids, etc. This is a great way for someone on a second (or more) marriage to have a wedding with everyone in attendance but without all the fuss. Many celebrities like Matt Damon choose this sort of wedding as it eliminates being stalked by unwanted paparazzi.

Trends may come and go, but the important things is that you put your own stamp on your special day. Weddings are for friends and family, but mostly, they are for you, so be prepared – do it your way!

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