Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wedding Ceremony Rentals

Not all items need to be purchased for a wedding ceremony and reception. Of course you need to purchase the wedding invitations - have them printed or get the proper paper/card stock from the stationery store for your printable wedding invitations - and you will have to purchase the food, and the wedding favors as these are non-returnable items.

However, you can save a lot on your wedding budget if you rent certain items. These are the ones that will only have a limited use or that you won't need again after the wedding or the reception. These are some ways to save some money and still have the wedding of your dreams.

Rent a wedding gown slip

You are spending a fortune on the wedding dress, but in order for some dresses to hang correctly you have to wear an undergarment or slip to give the dress its final shape. Many bridal shops rent these garments to the cost-conscious bride. Chances are you will never wear the wedding gown slip again, so why not rent it? Arrange to pick it up a week before the wedding and on your wedding day, you will have a proper slip to keep you wedding gown in place!

Rent Wedding Ceremony Accessories

An aisle runner is a thin rug of plastic, paper, or cloth extending the length of the aisle. It is rolled out after the mothers of the bride and groom are seated, just prior to the processional. It's a lovely touch and a cloth runner lies smoothly inside or outside for the bride to walk to her groom. Florists and party planners rent these, as you usually aren't going to need to have one on hand at home.

An arch or a chuppah (in Jewish ceremonies) are canopies where the bride and groom exchange their vows. The arch or chuppah are usually covered in flowers and greenery, symbolizing cohabitation and consummation of the marriage.

Again these items are not needed in everyday life, so find a florist who understands these traditions, and get them to set them up - and take them back once the wedding ceremony is completed.

If you aren't having your wedding ceremony inside at a traditional wedding venue and instead have opted for an outdoor or unusual site, you may also need to consider renting audio equipment, aisle stanchions, candelabras, candles, chairs, heaters and so on.

Just make sure that if you are renting any accessories for your wedding ceremony, make absolutely certain that the wedding rental supplier has been in business for a reasonable period of time, has a good reputation, provides references, and signs an ironclad contract with you. Reserve all the items you need well in advance.

When considering a wedding ceremony outside of a traditional wedding site, figure in the cost of rental items into your wedding budget at once. Negotiate a package deal by renting items for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception from the same supplier such as your florist so you only have to pay a one-time delivery fee!

Next time, we'll discuss renting items for a wedding reception.

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